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Your Privacy

Stephanie Allen Jewellery don’t use the information you provide on this site to learn any more about you other than what is required to fulfil your orders, give access to the ‘VIP AREA’ or offer you services such as news alerts or reminder services. Stephanie Allen Jewellery does not store your credit card details, nor do we share your customer details with any third parties. Any personal data gathered by us in your use of this site will be recorded electronically and only used in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. 


Email usage

We use your email address and phone number as a convenient way to contact you about your order or any reminder service you have. From time to time, we may update you on relevant Stephanie Allen Jewellery news or offers, but only with your permission. We will not pass on your details on to any other third parties.



A cookie is a small file stored on your computer by a web site to give you a unique ID. Cookies help make it easier and faster for you to use our site because it can remember if you’ve visited the site, and they help us provide you with the information you need about your account details – when and where you need it. 

A cookie generated by our site contains no information about you. It contains only a numeric ID that, for example, allows you to retrieve your account details or shopping list. The cookie lets you enter your email and password so you don’t have to enter those details again, or it lets you save products to a wish list if available. 


Socila Media

You may have already come across Stephanie Allen Jewellery on some social media platforms. This website may use social sharing icons that facilitate the sharing of web content directly from our web page to the social media platform in question. 

Users are advised to take due care when engaging on social media platforms. Any communications or actions taken are subjected to the privacy policies of each respectively social media platform. Those that wish to discuss personal issues with any sensitive material are encouraged to contact Stephanie Allen Jewellery directly via telephone or email. If you have any further concerns or queries relating to this policy, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will do our best to help.